Jenever & Gin Festival Groningen

Wilderer Fynbos Gin

Brand Wilderer Fynbos Gin

Style London Dry styled

Founded 1995

Country South Africa

Distillery Wilderer Distillery

Master Distiller Helmut Wilderer

Description Fresh ingredients and flowers are hand-picked frot he estate’s gardens, while specializedFynbos species and other herbs are sustainably harvested and include: the famous Buchu Betulina, which has been used as a traditional South African medicine for hundreds of years and provides a distunctive herbal aromaand taste. Wild Dagga’s active ingredient: leonurine has been proven to improve myocardial function and is also used as a recreational remedy for high blood pressure and stress. Honybush provides further depth and complex flavour tot his full-bodied gin.

The finest quality South African spirits are derived from white wine through extensive fractional distillation resulting ina truly neutra land smooth base of unparalleled quality. Premium juniper berries are infused in order to provide the best aromatic platform whick binds all 27 botanicals in stunning complexity. All btoanicals are macerated in the alcoholic base before distillation to allow for optimal binding of the herbal aroma to the alcohol. Thereafter the botanicals are placed in a porous bag and suspended from the top of the kettle to allow for more effective vapor-path extraction of flavours. Distillation takes place in Wilderer’s state-of-the-art German custom built craft distillery. Small batches of 40 litres at a time.

Botanicals 27 indigenous botanicals of which many belong to the Cape Fynbos Floral Kingdom. Flowers, berries, barks, peels, roots, stems and leaves ranging from rose petals to Renosterbos all come together in harmony. (eg. Buchu, African Wormwood, Honeybush, Renosterbos, African potato, Wild dagga, Devil’s claw and Cancerbush)

Alcohol % 45%

Perfect Serve Serve in high ball glass with enough ice cubes. Poor out 50ml of Wilderer Fynbos Gin and 200ml with traditional indian tonic. Garnish: Mint leaves and a slice of lemon.

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Taste Outstandingly smooth to the palate, this Fynbos gin boasts an array of unique herbs; The distinctive Buchu aroma  and taste provides a pleasant and deep fresh herbal character. Wild Daga and Honeybush adds to the underlying aroma that can only be described as walking though Fynbos fields of the Western Cape.

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Over het festival

Ooit, lang geleden, werd in Nederland voor het eerst jenever gemaakt. Oorspronkelijk dronk men het als geneesmiddel, maar al snel werd er volop genoten van dit fijne drankje. Later namen de Engelsen dit van ons over, door ook te gaan distilleren met jeneverbessen. Zij gebruikten alleen neutrale alcohol, terwijl jenever van moutwijn wordt gemaakt. Zo ontstond gin. Gin kennen we allemaal en het goede nieuws is dat ook jenever met een wereldwijde comeback bezig is. Onze nationale drank is inmiddels bijna 400 jaar oud. Ooit de meest gedronken drank ter wereld, nu een openbaring voor de liefhebber.

Koop direct je kaarten voor vrijdagavond, zaterdagmiddag of zaterdagavond. Tickets zijn inclusief glas, Jenever & Gin Guide en het proeven van alle dranken. Plaatsen voor Chef's Table kosten € 99 per persoon en zijn inclusief het diner, drankjes en toegang tot het Jenever & Gin Festival. Ook het proefglaasje en de Jenever & Gin Guide zijn bij de prijs inbegrepen.